Helping small insurance companies grow with white-labeled insurance benefits app


Lead Product Designer

I led design for both applications for iOS and Android. This includes high-level concepts to IA and hi-fi design including prototypes and production level designs for the build over a period of 6 months.


Symbility Health is a company that provides an all-inclusive software solution for insurance carriers. They approached us with a goal of updating their app with a more modern, fresh look. We helped the client to see beyond the looks.

Filing a claim has become a tedious process that can take quite a while, often leads to mistakes and frustration for all parties involved.


Tedious data entry

Adding in a provider and inputting claim details can be frustrating.

Confusing asks

Confused by terms like ‘Unique Code’ and ‘Procedure Code’.

Accessing Information

Not being able to access resources/ info even if the functionality is there.

product by objective

Using the ‘Product by Objective’ framework prepared by our strategy team, we came up with an overarching goal and list of potential features and tactics to achieve the goal.

feature prioritization & validation

Bringing ideas to life

After we got a green light from stakeholders on strategy, we dived deeper into designing features and brought our ideas to life using rapid prototyping. As we push forward, we sat close with Solutions Architect team to make sure we understand technical constraints and the client’s backend infrastructure. During each client meeting, we presented the prototype and get validation from all parties involved.

Design foundation

IA - app map

Establishing a foundation

The very first artifact I create when a project moves on to the implementation stage is an app map. As the team grew bigger with multiple engineers and designers, I use an app map to capture the breadth and depth of the product. Using the app map I was able to efficiently communicate the following:

  • Key areas of the product
  • Navigational structure
  • Unique screens to be designed out by the design team
IA - user flows

Capturing happy & unhappy paths

Software design is not all about happy paths a user takes. There are many variables come into play as every user is different, technology and design should not fail them even in worst case scenarios. I create user flows to have foresight into potential obstacles users could face and solution it beforehand.

Sample flow - User engaging claim submission process
design system

Establishing scalable, cohesive design system for white-labeled product

With a launch date set for all three platforms and being a white-labeled product, creating a cohesive design system was an obvious next step. This practice always made project delivery smoother. These are a few points on how it helped the project:

  • Consistency was on spot between design and actual build.
  • Time and effort required to design became way less. This helped us to focus more on optimizing flows and coming up with fine little details that enhance the experience.
  • Efficient communication between design and tech. As the project progresses and the design system became more mature, we no longer found a need for re-visiting already built components and re-used the code as much as possible. Everything was modularized.


Quickly see remaining balances for frequently used procedures

Increase engagement with the app on a daily basis to serve information that matters most to the user.

Digital copy of your benefits card

To minimize user effort, we focused the experience to surface information when the user needs it most.

Take a photo of your receipt for easy submission

Using a mobile camera, submit multiple procedures on a single receipt.

Creating an engaging experience

We designed with consumer delight in mind, using micro-interactions and animations to make things like claims submissions more exciting.

The right information at the right time

During claim submission, we are serving the right information when it’s needed like: balance you have left on the procedure you’ve selected.

Even small things count

We used subtle visual cues and interactions to help users through experiences that can be frustrating, like finding the right numbers on a cheque for direct deposit.


Symbility Health and 5 other companies launched the same app on the same day. All of them had their own branding.

Symbility Health got acquired by Telus Health on May 8th, 2018. The app and its ability to be white-labeled was the biggest factor for the acquisition.